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When you need top-quality real estate representation, turn to Mark M. Gershlak Attorney at Law. As the premier real estate law firm, we provide dynamic legal services and representation for residential and commercial clients throughout the North Shore region of Massachusetts.

Our law office is located at 515 Lowell St Suite 5 in Peabody, MA, across from Beth El Cemetery at the corner of Feery Rd and Lowell. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with Attorney Gershlak, get in touch with us!

What should I look for when choosing an attorney?

Experience, being able to work with lenders, brokers and attorneys to represent your best interest.  I pride myself with the experience from over 40 years of work in the real estate law, from working at the Registry of Deeds, Title Exam work as well as day to day work as a closing attorney. You will also want an attorney in a timely fashion to your questions and or concerns, needs and request of your lender and working with all parties including the brokers to ensure a smooth closing.

How do attorneys bill for their services?

If I represent you as a buyer my fee would come at the time of closing including title fee for title examination, title insurance and if applicable a plot plan. The fee will be disclosed to you with the Loan estimate from the Lender.  

If I represent you as a seller or a cash buyer I will disclosed the fees prior to starting any work with an email and or phone call so we are all on the same page. 

What's the difference between a trial attorney and a transactional attorney?

Transaction attorney in the Residential Real Estate Area involves all aspects on a real estate deal from beginning to end, which is different from a Trial Attorney which works with clients in either civil law suis or criminal defense.

How long have you been practicing law?

42 Years Over the years have worked in all areas of Real Estate law, including summer jobs at the Registry of Deeds, Title Examination, work, and large, small and  my own law office. 

Can I handle legal matters on my own without an attorney?

I believe in when purchasing or selling your home, it is one if not the  your most important asset.  You deserve your own attorney to review all aspects of the transaction, including, reviewing, or drafting the purchase and sales agreement, reviewing the Title Exam as well as working with your broker and lender to insure a smooth transaction. Our job would be to represent you with your best interest of the upmost importance.

What areas of law do you specialize in?

My office specializes in all aspects of Residential Real Estate, including representing lenders, buyers, and sellers. We also can review, and draft purchase and sales agreements, title examinations and various types of closing documents. We conduct closings for all parties and are proud of our attention to detail in going over figures and all documents. We pride ourselves in timely responses to all emails, and calls. 


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